Does CBD Work Against Anxiety

Does CBD Work Against Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural physiological phenomenon present in all individuals. It is when anxiety disorders become too intense that they can disrupt daily life and lead to health problems. According to WHO (World Health Organization) figures, these disorders affect nearly 260 million people worldwide. To counter this problem, more and more anxious people are turning to the relaxing effects of CBD, derived from hemp. So, how can cannabidiol act on stress and anxiety? In this article, we explain what anxiety is, what the role of CBD is, and how to consume CBD oil to fight against its disorders.

Focus on anxiety

We all know the term anxiety, but do you really know what it is and what it entails?

Definition of anxiety

Anxiety is a state of psychological disturbance caused by the fear of danger. This physiological phenomenon is natural and simply responds to stress by modifying the body’s functioning. It is quite normal to feel anxiety on certain occasions, such as an important life change for example (loss of job, divorce or death of a loved one…).

Good to know: This natural emotion is particularly useful for drawing attention to real dangers and risky situations.

When anxiety becomes excessive and pathological, it is called an anxiety disorder. People affected are then overwhelmed by a feeling of discomfort or fear, anticipating problems before they occur.

There are six clinical entities related to anxiety:

  • OCD, or obsessive-compulsive disorder;
  • GAD, or generalized anxiety disorder;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • Social anxiety disorder;
  • Panic disorder;
  • Phobia.

These different types of anxiety can have a significant impact on daily life and even lead to the onset of certain illnesses.

The signs of anxiety

What are the symptoms of anxiety? The main sign is a diffuse feeling of worry that leads to psychological and physical consequences.

Some common signs of anxiety:

  • Feeling of a lump in the stomach or throat;
  • Acceleration of the heart rate;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Hot flashes;
  • Tense muscles;
  • Trembling ;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Palpitations ;
  • Insomnia ;
  • Sweating.

An anxious person often has difficulty concentrating and feels tired and irritable. They may also feel worried, constantly fearful, or obsessive.

Causes of anxiety

The causes of anxiety are varied and may depend on several environmental, psychological, and biological factors.

Note: Most often, anxiety is linked to situations or events that are specific to the person with anxiety.

There are a few risk factors such as the hazards of the professional environment (dismissal, the pressure of work, discrimination…) or emotional events that cause a lot of stress (departure of a child, illness of a relative, difficulties in the couple…).

Finally, certain illnesses can create anxiety. This is the case of depression, bipolar disorders, or psychosis.

What role does CBD oil play against anxiety?

CBD is particularly known for its anxiolytic properties and its benefits on punctual and chronic anxiety. So what exactly is the role of cannabidiol?

To understand the links between CBD and anxiety, we need to look at “serotonin”. You may know this neurotransmitter as the happy hormone, thanks to its direct influence on mood and general well-being. In reality, it also acts on other characteristics that are essential to our proper functioning: appetite, sleep quality, and libido.

When we are in a situation of stress and anxiety, the level of serotonin drops. This is what leads to certain physiological consequences such as insomnia or loss of appetite.

It turns out that CBD is able to activate certain serotonin receptors found in the endocannabinoid system, thus regulating this famous hormone and improving our well-being. In addition to having a beneficial effect on anxiety symptoms, cannabidiol promotes neurogenesis (the formation of new neurons), reducing the expression of anxiety disorders or depressive behavior. The Best 10% CBD Oils can help alleviate anxiety which you can find in this link.

Worth noting: The action of CBD on anxiety and its disorders is therefore similar to anxiolytic drugs. But, contrary to the latter and to THC (the psychotropic molecule of CBD), it does not present undesirable side effects or risk of dependence.