About Us


PRESENTATION: we are a group of professionals, with extensive experience in different areas of business management, who agree on the need to address the challenges posed by changes in society, in the State, in the market, in the companies themselves and in people.

In our DNA takes root a business culture, fruit of our multidisciplinary training and our experience, which allows us to face with optimism and decision the challenges facing the organization.

BUSINESS CULTURE: it is based, among others, on the following foundations: meeting the demands, demands and expectations of stakeholders; carrying out the “triple bottom line”, in which social and environmental aspects are incorporated into the economic aspects; planning the communication of the company, both internal and external; evaluating, minimising and, if possible, eliminating the company’s risks; valuing the corporate reputation and brand image; finally, the primordial thing: people.

DEONTOLOGICAL CODE: in the specific activity of Social Responsibility and Sustainability Consulting (RS&S), the company adheres to the commitments contained in the Code of Ethics of the RS&S profession. The content is shown here.


Before our customers, collaborators, friends, and society in general, we want to comply with the company’s motto, we are what we do to improve who we are, which leads us along the path of sustainability.


It’s “the compass” that guides us. Our lies in facilitating and accompanying the process of change in the organization, the path that will lead it towards “the era of sustainability”.

It also lies in training in the disciplines of business management which, with a new approach and perspective, help, promote, sensitize and align the organization, and society as well, in the process that leads us towards a change of model, which will be based on responsible and sustainable development.


It’s “the way forward.” In our way that now begins, situations, challenges and challenges will appear that we will confront, jointly with our clients, offering proposals, alternatives and solutions based on our business culture.

Our aim is “sustainability” and the means to achieve it is by adopting “corporate social responsibility”. And our legitimate aspiration is to become a benchmark in the application of this culture, both in consulting and training.


They form “our personality”, our own identity. They align us with mission and vision. They are a set of principles (how we do things), beliefs (how we think) and rules (how we behave).

The relationship is as follows: PRINCIPLES: continuous improvement and improvement, respect, transparency, and creativity. BELIEFS: the value of the person, collaboration, honesty, and recognition. RULES: dedication and conciliation, dialogue, teamwork, and innovation.


It is based on the phrase that inspires, motivates and guides us: “We are what we do to improve who we are”. It is the reference by which our actions are aligned with our values. In order to evaluate it, we ask ourselves:

Has it been done from respect (principle), collaboration (belief) and dialogue (rule)? Has it been done with transparency (principle), honesty (belief) and in the team (rule)? Has it been creative (principle), being recognized (belief) and has it meant innovation (rule)?