Mattress For sofa bed

Mattress For sofa bed

Delicately kept in the heart of the sofa bed, the mattress turns out to be the centrepiece of a piece of furniture that transforms into a bed at nightfall. Discover the seven elements that characterize it and help you choose the right one.

1) Folding
Folding is the primary element that distinguishes the sofa bed mattress from a conventional mattress. Depending on the range, the depth of the sofa varies and it will fold in two or three. A sofa with a deep seat for an emergency bed will have a two-piece folding, while a three-piece folding is more characteristic of a daily sleeping arrangement.

choosing your folded convertible sofa mattress

Good to know: The sofa bed mattress folds and unfolds without warping. Its quality will influence its lifespan, so the top of the range mattress will last longer than an entry-level mattress.

2) Material
The convertible sofa mattress is available in different materials that should be carefully chosen according to your needs, morphology and preferences.

choose your mattress for convertible sofa foamPolyether foam (density less than 28kg/m³) or high density polyurethane foam (more than 30kg/m³ and therefore firmer), is composed of cells that are perfect for ventilation and lightness of the mattress. Soft or firm depending on its density, it envelops and supports at the same time. A mattress made of high resilience foam will provide you with the right support, while retaining its initial properties over time.

choosing a mattress for convertible sofa latex Natural or synthetic latex has hypoallergenic properties while its honeycomb or perforated structure helps evacuate moisture and air. Recommended for a duo bed, the latex mattress adapts perfectly to two different morphologies thanks to the independent ergonomic support it provides to each one. Less common on the market, these mattresses generally consist of a foam base and a latex surface.

Shape memory
Choose your mattress for convertible memory foam mattress. The viscoelastic memory foam sleeper sofa is based on heat-sensitive technology that conforms to the shape of the body. It returns to its original shape after any change in position. The foam softens under the weight and heat of the body to adapt perfectly to the shape and position of the body, particularly at the level of the spine. Memory foam is particularly recommended for those who want to combine a soft reception and a tonic support.

3) Density
The density of the mattress will first affect the feeling of comfort. The higher the density, the more foam the mattress contains. If your preference is for firmness, opt for a high-density mattress. If, on the other hand, you prefer a softer or softer sleeping position, a low-density mattress will be more suitable for you.

Less than 28kg/m³ for basic comfort
More than 30kg/m³ for a more qualitative comfort
choose your mattress for sofa convertible couple sleep

4) Lining
Made of cotton or wool, the filling adds extra comfort to the mattress. Compressed by padding, the filling offers an even thickness over its entire surface. The predominantly wool mattress is perfectly suitable for winter sleeping thanks to its thermal insulation properties. The mattresses made mainly of cotton are suitable for milder temperatures.

Note: Some reversible mattresses have both a winter side and a summer side that can be turned over according to the season.

choose your mattress for convertible sofa cut

5) Thickness
The thickness of a convertible mattress varies from six centimetres for an emergency sleeper to 17 cm for the thickest. There are three types of bedding, the thickness of which is determined by the frequency of use:

The occasional bed (once a month or less) with a thickness of 6 cm.
For regular bedding (once or twice a week), between 10 and 14 cm thick.
And finally the daily sleeping (every night), from 14 cm thick.

choose your mattress for convertible sofa mattress

6) Width
The width of a sofa bed mattress ranges from 80 to 160 cm depending on whether it is a single or double bed. 80 cm is the standard width of a single bed, while a 140 cm mattress will be the standard width of a double bed. In the top-of-the-range version, the mattress is up to 160 cm wide, and this value is gradually establishing itself as the next standard in the field.

Do not hesitate to opt for a wider mattress width if a person moves around a lot during sleep, especially for a double bed.