Healthy Dog Food Diet

Healthy Dog Food Diet

In order to provide your pet with a healthy and balanced canine food diet it is essential to recognize your pets requirements. Your pet dog’s body, much like your own, is comprised of cells, and also like all living creatures, these cells need nutrients to operate appropriately.

These nutrients include a mix of healthy proteins, including important amino acids, carbohydrates, fiber, fats, vitamins, minerals as well as lots of water. A healthy and balanced pet dog food diet requires a combination of these nutrients, in balanced proportions, to offer the calories that are required to fuel their everyday power needs for growth and also activity.


Protein is the most important active ingredient in a canines diet plan. Popular research study scientist Dr. Barry Sears believes that pet dog food should contains 40% protein, 30% fiber and also 30% starch. What should the source of that protein be?

Your pet dog is a carnivore as well as predators require meat. What is a carnivore? A carnivore is a pet with a diet being composed mostly of meat, whether it comes from animals living or dead (scavenging is part of being a predator).

There are those that will claim that a pet dog is an omnivore as a result of the method guy has domesticated him, yet don’t be tricked. Pets are not vegetarians. Open their mouths and you will see that their teeth are not like human teeth. Their teeth are sharp and also pointed and also are indicated for tearing as well as tearing meat. They do not have level molars, like humans, for grinding grains and veggies.

Provided, pet dogs can survive rather well on a vegetarian diet plan, nevertheless, this is not how they were produced, and a vegan diet regimen is not the best for optimum wellness. Also remember that some human foods such as delicious chocolate, onions, apple seeds, macadamia nuts as well as grapes are highly harmful to their systems.


Human beings and also dogs do not share the very same sort of gastrointestinal system. Human digestion begins in the mouth. A pet dogs digestion starts in his belly. All the enzymes in his system are tailored toward breaking down raw meat in the tummy. By clinical definition, your pet was created a carnivore.

It takes between 4 to 5 hours for a pet dog to digest raw meat and obtain the power from that food right into the system. It takes nearly 9 hours for a dog to digest semi-moist processed food. This is the kind that is located in boxes and also are formed like burgers, or located in rolls and also look like sausages. Find out more about healthy food for your dog by Semi-moist food is likewise high in sugar and salt which must be removed for a healthy canine food diet regimen. The sugar only causes excessive weight as well as the salt can cause hypertension among other ailments.

Dry dog food uses up to 16 hours to absorb. If you select to feed your canine any kind of type of completely dry, refined pet food, it will certainly remain in his belly from morning up until evening. Due to this, it is ideal not to feed dried out canine food late in the evening.

Enzymes are needed in the healthy canine food diet regimen to enable the body to operate effectively. Canines produce enzymes naturally in their bellies to digest raw food. Both the semi-moist as well as dry dog food beings in the canines stand so long, since there are inadequate enzymes being produced in the tummy to simplify. Remember, a dog’s belly is developed to deal with raw foods.

Enzyme burglarizing occurs at such times when the canines body should pull enzymes from other parts of the body, such as the heart, liver, and kidneys, to be transferred to the tummy. Robbing the other parts of the body of these enzymes can have a damaging effect on those body organs. While the body is working overtime to collect these enzymes for digestion, the food simply beings in the stomach until the body has actually gathered enough enzymes to digest it.


Eggs are an all-natural and healthy foodstuff. Apart from meat, eggs are a natural, economical as well as practical food source for healthy protein. There are those who will certainly state, “never ever offer your canine a raw egg as raw egg whites respond with the vitamin, biotin, as well as protect against the pet from utilizing it.”

I will occasionally blend a raw egg in with the food as well as have had no unwell results. The pros are that raw eggs advertise healthy and balanced, glossy fur. In the wild, pets eat them raw when they find them. Besides, you will not see any individual hanging around with a fry pan waiting to rush up a batch for them.

Proceed with care when feeding dogs milk items. Pets are missing the gastrointestinal enzyme, that most humans have, that will appropriately break down the milk sugar, or lactose. When the appropriate enzymes are not present, the lactose stays undigested and has a tendency to ferment in the intestinal tract and also cause diarrhea. Some canines will endure small amounts of milk, while others, none in any way.

Commonly it will depend on the breed of the dog. Some canines love cheese as a snack and also will show no distress indicators in all from ingesting it. If your pet delights in as well as appears to tolerate milk items, after that by all means, do not hesitate to feed in small amounts. Generally, dairy items will do even more excellent than harm.

When considering the active ingredients on a package or can of pet dog food, meat must be the first 2 active ingredients. By law, the heaviest and biggest quantity of whatever ingredient had in the food needs to be provided first. If the first four ingredients contain grains, move on to something else.