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    The Des Moines East and South Chamber of Commerce is a private, not-for-profit business member organization aimed at fostering economic development and growth of member businesses and the Des Moines community. The Chamber offers a broad spectrum of benefits and services to its members, including:

    *New business contacts
    *Publicity and exposure
    *Business information and resources

    Feel free to contact us to become more involved by joining a committee or specialty group, attending our events, and more.     

    Mission: Support East-South Des Moines economic health through our efforts in membership, economic development, education and advocacy.

    Vision:  A resource for the business community to prosper.

:  Leadership
, Collaboration
, Diversity
, Respect

    Our Footprint

    Our History

    In January 2011, the East Des Moines Chamber and South Des Moines Chamber combined efforts and resources by offering joint membership. For the next two years, the Chambers worked together to provide enhanced benefits to members through goal-driven committees, programs to support member business needs and a full calendar of events.

    Following a recommendation from the East Des Moines Chamber and South Des Moines Chamber Boards of Directors in January 2013, members voted and approved to join organizations, forming one chamber: Des Moines East and South Chamber of Commerce.

    Merging to one chamber allowed the organizations to combine Boards of Directors and more efficiently and effectively meet the needs of its members. The combined Board of Directors developed a long-term strategy to ensure the Chamber is positioned to meet the needs of all members in East and South Des Moines.

    Payment Policy: Non-refundable within 30 days of event.

    Privacy Policy: Any information given to the chamber is not solicit to third parties or share information with outside vendors without written consent. Any information you provide will be used by the chamber for our benefit.


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